I am a farm wife and stay-at-home mom in central Iowa. My husband, Bart, and I have been married almost seven years, and we have two young sons. Adam is four and one-half years old and Isaac is two.  While I focus my efforts on raising the boys, Bart raises turkeys – over 100,000 annually. In my free time, I love taking on creative endeavors including (but not limited to) home renovation, digital scrapbooking, graphic design, photography, writing, crafting, blogging and repurposing old junk into new home and garden décor. I have been blogging about our life on the farm for over three years at On the Banks of Squaw Creek.

I have a passion for spreading good news about agriculture and I believe that social media is a powerful way for farmers to defend and promote ourselves. As a volunteer for CommonGround, I’ve gained valuable experience answering consumer questions and clearing up negative myths surrounding agriculture today. As PorkNetwork editor JoAnn Alumbaugh wrote recently, it’s time for farmers to step up to the plate. As a blogger for PorkNetwork, I will help other farmers become more comfortable and savvy doing just that.

Before I get started, though, I’d love to have some feedback.  What keeps farmers from standing up for themselves? What keeps you from advocating for the agriculture that you love? Post your comments below and I will take them into account as I write future blog posts.