Up to 90 percent of Americans are confused by food expiration dates, leading to $165 million worth of wasted food annually. Now one tool may soon be available to help combat unnecessary food waste, avoid food poisoning and make it easier to tell if meat has spoiled.

PERES, a handheld electronic “nose” that pairs with iPhones, analyses airborne data to check beef, poultry, pork and fish for freshness for instant feedback. It uses four types of sensors to read humidity, temperature, ammonia content and more than 100 different volatile organic compounds often emitted by decomposing meat.  

In an interview with USA Today, the creators of PERES claim the product has an accuracy of 80 to 95 percent and can tell users if meat if fresh, hazardous to eat,  at risk for food poisoning, or has been unrefrigerated for too long.  Click here to watch as USA Today contributor Jennifer Jolly puts PERES to the test.

The creators turned to crowdfunding to help propel the device into reality. Over the last two months, PERES has already surpassed their initial goal of $0,000. Once launched, the device will cost around $150.