Last year, we covered one pork producer in Washington state who fed marijuana and vodka to his hogs, but it was only a matter of time until entrepreneurs took pot-infused food to the next level.

Both Colorado and Washington have now legalized small amounts of recreational marijuana, and this April, a Seattle-based company unveiled the world’s first pot-infused food truck.

Fox News reports that Magical Butter, a company that makes a botanical extractor to turn raw cannabis into a substance easily infused into food and beverages, debuted the food truck in Denver on April 20. Each food item sold on the truck contains about 30-100 mg of THC, the active ingredient in marijuana, which is enough to give foodies a nice buzz.

Fare went beyond the typical munchies, including the Samich (sunbutter and jelly), Bin Mi (Vietnamese style pork sandwich), The Bronco (BBQ pulled pork sandwich), PhaReal Cheese Samich, and Kushie Tomato Soup. 

So what is it like cooking with cannabis?

“Cooking with cannabis in comparison to other herbs is far more challenging,” Chef Joey Galeano of Magical Butter told “The challenge comes from properly dosing each ingredient with a delicate balance between taste and potency.”

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Meatingplace reports the company has plans for a permanent outdoor location in Seattle, more food trucks, and a smartphone app to track when a truck will be near you.