Well, they can’t say they weren’t warned.

Residents in rural Florida are fighting a new proposed housing development with an unusual warning of their own for future neighbors – farm animals smell bad, make funny sounds and have sex outdoors.

According to local news station WWSB, the residents near Englewood, Fla., are putting up the signs to warn their potential new neighbors what really goes on at local farms.

A portion of the sign reads, "Farms have animals. Animals make funny sounds, smell bad and have sex outdoors. Unless you can tolerate noise, odors and outdoor sex, don't buy property next to a farm."

The area has about 20 hobby farms surrounding the proposed development. The development would bring approximately 80 homes to the neighborhood; currently, the land is zoned for around eight homes.

"They want to put 80 homes on what used to be an equestrian farm. We just don't want the zoning to be changed. We are farms, and Englewood should have farms," Englewood resident Sue Young said.

Similar efforts to stave off a similar plan was successful several years ago, and Young and other rural residents are hopeful they will be successful again.

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