It’s open season on drones, or at least that’s according to one Montana congressional candidate and rancher who has set his sight set on government drones in a new campaign advertisement.

Matt Rosendale released the ad on Monday, which shows an overhead camera angle from a drone menacingly hovering over the state senator, according to a Yahoo! report.  Rosendale later cocks and fires a rifle, with a simulated gunshot impacted shattering the drone’s screen. Click here or the embedded video above to see the ad.

Rosendale uses the tongue-in-cheek ad to address privacy issues.  And he most likely the first candidate to literally target a drone in a campaign ad.

Despite his firm stance on privacy, Rosendale actually considers himself to be “very supportive of technology.”

“When technology makes our lives and businesses more efficient, I think that’s great,” he says. “But it depends on for what purpose. Right now, we’re seeing an overreach in nearly all aspects of our lives.”

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