Where there is a will (and a market), there is a way. Or as one Florida rancher puts it, when life hands you feral hogs, you make pork chops.

According to the Tampa Bay (Fla.) Times, Charlotte County rancher Keith Mann recently decided to capitalize on Florida’s feral hog problem, a problem roughly 1 million head strong.  

Now Mann is working with trappers, USDA inspectors and the local restaurant community to redefine “naturally-raised” and “free-range,” among other hot food trends.  Mann launched his feral hog program earlier this year and calls it a win-win for homeowners, trappers and restaurant patrons.

How do restaurateurs like Ed Chiles feel about it?

"Feral pigs outcompete other native species," says Chiles. "Let's turn this serious problem into an economic development project. I call it taking lemons and making limoncello."

Chiles prepares roughly 150 pounds of Mann’s wild pork weekly. Other restaurants are also getting in on the action.

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