According to Discovery News, new research has found spritzing dogs with a “pig perfume,” aka “Eau de oink,” could put an end to misbehaving dogs. The scent, formulated by Texas Tech professor John McGlone, uses androstenone as the key ingredient.

Androstenone is a steroid and pheromone produced by boars that are released into their saliva and fat. Sows in heat love it. People, dogs and other mammals, on the other hand, generally can’t stand it.

McGlone discovered that when androstenone was sprayed on a dog’s nose or around their face, the reaction is immediate. Unwanted behavior from barking to jumping is suddenly stopped in its tracks.

He told Discovery News, “This whole behavior stopped. You could almost see them thinking, ‘What was that?’”

McGlone has indicated it may also help address behavior issues in cats. Read more here.

Have a bad dog at home? You can buy the "perfume" online, where it has earned an average of 4 of 5 stars from happy customers. Many can’t stop raving about the “unbelievable results.”