Tesco, a supermarket giant in the United Kingdom, was left with egg on its proverbial face after being forced to remove a series of national advertisements promoting a drop in milk prices with pictures of beef cows.

The Yorkshire Post reports that Tesco had erected hundreds of billboards across the country advertising their special milk deal before eagle-eyed farmers caught the error. The gaffe was first spotted in a rural market town in the heart of the UK’s farming industry.

“They are using Hereford cross cows which are 100 percent beef animals that would never have been milked in their lives,” dairyman Richard Yates pointed out.

“That shows how out of touch they are and what they think of dairy farmers,” he added.

The error ignited a Twitter firestorm, prompting the company to admit to the mistake. Tesco has said they will replace the sign with others that show a dairy breed.

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