By this point, swimming pigs are nothing new for our Lighter Side fans.

You’ve heard of the swimming pigs of the Bahamas and were amazed by the surfing swine of Hawaii. Now there’s a new addition to the world of adventurous porcine – a small herd living on an island in the delta near Stockton, Calif.

Theories quickly spread through the local community left wondering how the curious creatures ended up on the island. These theories ranged from the main dish at a canceled summer luau to pigs making a break from their farm home for the island. A Facebook group was even set up to update fans of the pigs.

Many of these urban porcine-lovers have been bringing food to the small herd, including cheeseburgers and apples. But before anyone sounds the alarm on pigs, it turns out they aren’t so abandoned after all.  

As the California Delta Magazine discovered, the pigs were placed on the island specifically to eat the Hyacinth on the islands. The owner also visits them regularly.  

Even so, some of the fans still make their way to the island to check on their “favorite piggies.”