“The pig is out there.”

That’s according to Capt. Rick Stubbert with the Oakland Police Department in Oakland, Maine.

We first brought you this story in mid-July after two children were chased by a loose pig while walking along a trail in Oakland, Maine. According to Stubbert, the kids reported the pig was “screaming at them and chasing them.”

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Just a few weeks after the first incident, the screaming swine appears to be back. The Kennebec (Maine) Journal reports a woman saw the 80-pound, black-and-white pig while on the same walking trail taken by the children earlier in the month.

She was so worried it might attack she sought refuge on the side rails of a wooden bridge.

“She was not attacked but was very frightened and came to the station to report it,” Stubbert said.

Authorities subsequently closed the walking trail and are working with the USDA, school district and local animal control officer to capture the pig using bait to lure it into a live trap.

Stubbert stresses the goal is to reunite the wayward pig with its owner, who police have identified but not named.

“We will safely catch the pig and safely return it to its owner,” he said.

The pig’s owner will not face charges. Stubbert points the owner did not intend for the pig to escape. Click here for more.

For now, however, the pig remains at large.