Smoking meats, that is. A new book called Home Smoking Basics by Maria Sartor will serve as a great resource for those who want to give this a try.

Have you ever wanted to try smoking your own meat at home? Home Smoking Basics, by Maria Sartor, can help you get started.  Smoking food is an age-old tradition that allowed for preservation, but modern cooks smoke meat to enrich it and make it taste better. Sartor’s new book “shows you, step-by-step, how to smoke meats, fish and poultry using different cooking techniques and wood.”

Home Smoking Basics has instructions for preparing and smoking your own food, along with delicious recipes for both hot and cold smoking of pork, beef, fish, game and chicken.  It is beautifully illustrated and is written for chefs of all skill levels.

Published by Schiffer Publishing, Ltd., it retails for $29.99 and is available at major bookstores. In addition, has the book for $25.28. For more information, go to or email: