In addition to grilled pig tails, you can learn how to prepare Pig’s Foot Parmesan, Tripe a la Collinsville, Vietnamese Fried Bones, Head Cheese, or Whipped Pork Butter with Truffle and Honey, among other delicacies.

Jamie Bissonnette is the chef and owner of Toro NYC, and Coppa and Toro Boston. He is a James Beard Foundation Best Chef Northeast award winner and winner of the Cochon 555 “nose-to-tail” competition.

“When I was traveling in Europe, especially France, I was blown away that so many different types of meat came out of various animals,” says Bissonnette in the introduction. “Here, we go through so many pork loins and chicken breasts. ‘Where’s the rest of the animal?’ I always wondered.

“I think you can teach anybody how to sauté a piece of trout and toast some almonds, but it takes a lot more finesse to take something like, say, blood, and make it delicious. I get satisfaction out of cooking the kinds of things that other people might not.”

It’s true these are definitely not your run-of-the-mill recipes! If you’re looking for a unique, interesting and beautifully illustrated cookbook, this one fills the bill.

It is available at and at fine book stores, retailing for $21.99.