How many of you use a Dutch oven to fix meals? Here’s a cookbook that will make you want to pull it out if  you have one, or buy one if you don’t.

A “black pot” is simply a Dutch oven, which allows you to sometimes fix entire meals in one pot. Mark Hansen has one of the longest-running Dutch oven blogs on the Internet, and now you can get his popular recipes in Best of the Black Pot: Must-Have Dutch Oven Favorites, published by Hobble Creek Press.

From Honey Mustard Ham, to Dutch Oven BBQ Pork Ribs to Dutch Oven Pork Roast with Pineapple and Apricot, this cookbook has delectable recipes to pique your taste buds. It’s not just about pork, though, as recipes range from beef, pork and poultry to seafood, soups and stews, side dishes, breads, breakfast, desserts and more.

The cookbook retails for $16.99 and can be found on

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