Saturday is National Book Lovers Day, and what better way to celebrate than with bacon books?

Here are just a few we found to help our fellow bacon lovers:

  • For kids: Pioneer Woman Ree Drummond’s empire expands from web to television to print, including a book series featuring her beloved basset hound Charlie. Check out “Charlie the Ranch Dog: Where’s the Bacon?” to find out how Charlie finds more bacon after a new dog eats his bacon.  
  • For chefs: It’s hard to pick just one or two bacon recipe books. There are plenty of options available to purchase, such as “Everything Tastes Better with Bacon” and “Bacon Nation.” Or feel scandalous with “Fifty Shades of Bacon,” a tongue-in-cheek book of bacon recipes. Can you really go wrong with a bacon cookbook?
  • For bacon lovers: Consider this book a love letter to bacon written by one diehard bacon enthusiast. “Bacon: A Love Story” is the best of bacon bits from facts to history and other “smoked porcine worship.” Essentially, it’s everything you’ll ever want to know about bacon.
  • For everyone: “I Want to be Bacon When I Grow Up” is marketed as a children’s book, but reviews suggest it’s a fun read for everyone. What is it about? The book is about Melvin, a pig who wants to become bacon when he grows up.
  • For the digital readers: A growing number of people are turning to tablets and e-readers for their reading pleasure, so why not show bacon pride while reading about bacon? Here’s a bacon iPad mini case or Kindle sleeve.
  • For the budding author: Write your own book in style with a bacon notebook. Even better, write it with your own bacon pen!

Disclaimer: None of these suggestions are sponsored. All of these selections were made the discretion of the author.