Dozens of people came together to give one Indiana farmer his final wish – one last ride on a tractor.

According to WLFI News, Don Morehouse is just part of a farming family stretching back more than 150 years.  And since the 1950s, he’s been running the show on his White County farm.

However, in 2012, that came to screeching halt as Morehouse’s health began to decline. Multiple trips to The Mayo Clinic yielded no answers. 

While the doctors may not have been able to figure out what was wrong, there was one thing Morehouse knew.

“I was going to go to Mayo for tests and things, and I thought when I got out of that combine that time, that might be the end of it,” Morehouse told reporters.

Morehouse’s son Doug added, “I can tell you where I was in the field when he said he couldn’t come back and drive anymore. So, it’s been tough.”

Morehouse and his wife moved to a nearby retirement facility, but all he could talk about was taking just one last ride in the tractor. Earlier this month, his wish became reality.

Westminster Wishes, a program through the retirement facility, stepped in to set up the ride. Morehouse was in for a surprise – he wasn’t just coming out to look at the crops. He joined his son as they applied ammonia to his fields.

“It felt like old times,” said Don. “Just the freedom of it and being out in the fresh air. I wish I could do it again.”

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