A new study has found body odor may be caused by tomatoes.

In his report published in the journal Medial Hypotheses, Irish biochemist J.C.M. Stewart believes that lycopene, the same antioxidant found in tomatoes and tomato products, may be to blame for causing underarm odor in some people.

“I propose that under arm odour is commonly caused by terpenes excreted via the axillary apocrine glands. I also show that these come from terpene and carotenoid-rich dietary sources including lycopene, tomatoes, orange peel and the glandular trichomes of tomato plants. These observations suggest that the axillary apocrine glands are a prominent excretory route for terpenes. Considering the quantities eaten, tomatoes are likely to be the main source of dietary terpenes, and under arm odour in turn,” the report said.

Read the report here.

Care2 points that Lycopene, a type of terpene, has chemical compounds that give essential oils and beer hops their smell. And terpenes mainly exit the body through armpits.

Tomatoes aren’t the only foot to contain Lycopene. The same compound also lurks in red peppers, watermelon and papaya.

Where else does the suspected culprit lurk? Red peppers, watermelon, and papaya. Read more.