When a German farmer wanted to stage a protest against European Union rules last week, he made sure to get their attention.

According to NBC News, Bavarian dairyman Johann Huber was disgruntled at recent regulations that forbid fertilizer from areas with a gradient of more than 15 percent to prevent groundwater pollution. He feared manure would be construed as fertilizer, thereby limiting his dairy herd’s use of the steep hillsides his family has farmed for more than 400 years.

So to get their attention, The Daily Mail  adds Huber created homemade, extra-large diapers for his herd as a tongue-in-cheek method to keep his cows from falling foul of the ban.  

However, Steffen Schulz, a spokesman for the European Commission, attempted to quell any concerns. He told NBC News cows would not be banned from their pastures.

“We are not concerned about the cows but about the active fertilization by farmers,” he said. “Throughout Germany and Bavaria the amount of nitrate in groundwater is already above the regulation’s limits in many places.”

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