Lava and cooking aren’t normally associated together, but that could soon be changing.

British designer duo Bompas & Par are known for pushing the limits of gastronomy, having designed such one-of-a-kind gems such as the world’s first edible fireworks and jelly-based sculptures.

But their latest idea may their hottest and most ambitious – grilling meat over lava.

The pair flew to New York this summer to meet with to Robert Wysocki and Jeff Karson, two Syracuse University professors who know a thing or two about lava.

According to Yahoo! News, Wysocki and Karson have customized a 3 million BTU bronze furnace to melt basaltic rock. It takes roughly 60 hours to turn it into molten rock. The team has made this man-made lava more than 100 times, yet it has never been used to cook meat.

Click the video above to see the one-of-a-kind cook out.

So how did it taste?

Bompas told reporter Kristin Hohenadel in an email that it was “the best I've ever had. It might be [something] to do with the theatre of molten rock harnessed for cookery!” He added: “The intense heat meant that the exterior was sealed in seconds. There was an excellent char, but the inside was done medium-rare in about a minute alone. We feasted like ogres!

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