Consider this as one bun that’s trendy with no carbohydrates or gluten.

Clint Cantwell, editor at, was tired of ordering bacon on his burger only to get a few slices.

“If you’re like me, you’ve had more than your share of bacon burgers. The problem is, nine times out of ten the actual amount of bacon on the burger is somewhat lacking,” he wrote in a post on

And what better way to get more bacon for your burger than sandwiching a burger patty between a bacon bun?

Cantwell has unveiled a bun made from nearly 3 pounds of bacon, shaping it into two disks about 4 inches wide. The “bun” is then cooked on a pre-heated pizza stone placed on a grill over medium heat until the majority of the fat has been rendered, leaving the bun crispy.

Cantwell hails the creation as the "ultimate" gluten-free bun with zero carbohydrates and tons of bacony goodness."

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