Barbecue from Joe's Kansas City is irresistible, even for the TSA.
Barbecue from Joe's Kansas City is irresistible, even for the TSA.

Here’s one scary tale for barbecue-lovers, but thankfully there is a happy ending.

Bob Porter, a government affairs consultant from Washington, D.C., flew into Kansas City to cheer on the Kansas City Chiefs football team for their opening day. According to The Kansas City Star in an article here, Porter stopped by Joe’s Kansas City, formally known as Oklahoma Joe’s, to grab some of its world-class barbecue to go.

He wrapped the pound of brisket, pound of smoked sausage and small cup of sauce in butcher paper and placed it into a plastic hotel laundry sack before packing it into his checked suitcase. The Transportation Security Administration’s website explains travelers are allowed to pack food – and liquid – into their checked bags but do warn that if the food is wrapped, “TSA officers may have to unwrap a gift to take a closer look inside.”

Unfortunately for Porter, that’s just what they did. When he returned home and opened his suitcase, the barbecue was gone. In its place was an empty laundry bag and a note from the TSA stating it had gone through his luggage.

“Really? That’s what you’re taking? My barbecue?” Porter says. “I’ve traveled all over the world, and I’ve never had anything like this happen before.”

Cue Joe’s Kansas City to save the day. In an updated article, The Kansas City Star reports replacement barbecue is now on its way.   

“This ain’t right! Bob, we’re going to fix this for you! Hold on! Barbecue is on its way!” the popular barbecue dive said on its Facebook page.

Doug Worgul, director of marketing at Joe’s Kansas City, said Porter will soon receive a pound of brisket, a pound of smoked sausage, a T-shirt and barbecue sauce in the mail.

“And maybe a slab of ribs for good measure,” Worgul says. “If he’s loyal enough to put his barbecue in a suitcase with his underwear and socks, we’re gonna make this right.”

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