Mars, Inc., maker of M&M's, pulled what many have called a “cruel” gag on bacon fans on April Fools’ Day, announcing to Facebook fans its newest addition to the M&M lineup — bacon.

Fans erupted with a mix of anger and sadness, many quickly realizing the announcement was nothing more than a cruel joke.

Several hours later, the company came clean with its joke and unveiled its newest real addition to the M&M flavor family – birthday cake.

However, the uproar and possibility of bacon M&M’s still hasn't died down. In fact,the bacon M&M hoax has overshadowed the birthday cake release.

Fans are still clamoring for bacon M&M’s, including several comments made in the last several hours:

“Dear Delightful Candy Maker, the outpouring of interest in what was a prank should show you that the people want your bacon m&m's. Please look into making this a reality. Yours truly, 'MERICA!!!” one fan wrote on the company's Facebook page.

“Bacon m&ms now!!!!!!” added a fan.

“BACON! BACON! BACON! Give them a try!!!!!” another urged.

Time will tell if Mars, Inc. listens to its customers but until then, bacon fans can still dream.

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