Talk about a let-down!

The Frederick, Md.,  Beer Bacon Music festival promised an all-you-can-eat bar with 2 tons of bacon, 10 bands, more than 100 varieties of beer and vendors from at least 30 breweries. And with tickets to the two-day event costing as much as $125 for a one-day, VIP pass, many were willing to wait in long ways to enjoy the foods and festivities.

Unfortunately for the bacon-loving festival-goers, the event that had promised so much a big way. Many of the 5,000 ticket holders walked away feeling ripped off and hungry for more bacon.

According to The Frederick News-Post, organizers blame high demand for the hour-long lines and empty bacon buffet. In short, cooks simply couldn’t keep up with the bacon-loving fans.

David Paulson, spokesman for Maryland's attorney general, told reporters three consumer complaints against the Beer Bacon Music festival had been filed the day after the event ended. Some unhappy fans are contesting the charges with their credit card companies while others are demanding a full refund.

“I got a T-shirt, a turkey sandwich and probably a total of one beer for $125,” ticket holder Irene Hafner said the article here.

Disappointed visitors have taken to social media to voice their distaste for the festival management:

“It was one of the most poorly operated events that I have ever been to. I genuinely feel sorry for anyone who bought the non-drinker ticket. That would have been one pricey piece of bacon...if you were lucky,” one person wrote on the event’s Facebook page.

#beerbaconmusic was failure and it only keeps getting worse as the organizers pretend otherwise on social media,” another added on Twitter.

One disgruntled ticket-holder even created a Twitter account, BeerBaconMusicFail, to make it clear the event was anything but successful.