An American-style diner named Honky Tonk in London has created the most expensive hamburger in the world. The burger, called the Glamburger, contains gold leaf and caviar, which help bring the price of the burger to a whopping $1,770 or £1,100. Record Setter verified the hamburger has set a record.

The burger, created by Chef Chris Large in cooperation with Groupon, is made with Kobe Wagyu beef and New Zealand venison. The patty is then seasoned with Himalayan salt and stuffed with black truffle brie. Other ingredients include lobster that has been poached in Iranian saffron, bacon coated in maple syrup, Beluga caviar and a hickory smoked duck egg that is covered with gold leaf. The burger's bun is also coated in the gold leaf and seasoned with Japanese matcha and a cream mayonnaise. A mango and champagne jus with grated white truffle can also be found on the burger, Arjun Kharpal reported for CNBC.

Groupon and Honky Tonk teamed up to create the burger to celebrate Groupon's five millionth food and drink voucher. One lucky person will get the hamburger for free.

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