You’ve heard of the Bacon Chase, and now one bacon-loving minor league baseball team is taking it up a notch with a race that’s certainly not good for your health.

According to CBS Philadelphia (Pa.), the Lehigh Valley Iron Pigs are back in the news.

The Philadelphia Phillies-affiliated team first made news in February when the team debuted bacon-themed uniforms and bacon-scented merchandise. In late-May, the Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine targeted the team with billboards equating bacon with cigarettes.

Now the team is firing back with even more bacon love and fans are eating it up.

In September, the Iron Pigs will host its first-even “Bacon 5K Challenge.” Racers will not only need to run the length of the challenge but also take a pit stop at the midway point and devour half of a pound of bacon before making their way to the finish line.

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