Allison Zabel
Allison Zabel

You must make a choice to take a chance or your life will never change. I took these words and I listened to them. I was living in Minnesota where I knew no one and leaving every weekend I didn’t work. I was lonely and unhappy, but I loved my job and had no problems there. I thought maybe I could find a place closer to family and friends and still get to work in the pork industry.

I found a job opening in Nebraska and applied. I applied many other places, but being a Nebraska native, I was excited to think about moving back home. I interviewed and accepted the job a few weeks later.

I am happy to say that my new job is with DNA Genetics,  formerly known as Danbred North America, a Danbred distributor.

I am learning a new side of the pork industry, as I have never worked with genetics before. I am enthusiastic to learn even more about this wonderful industry.    

And now, I live near family and friends, which is always a plus.