JoAnn Alumbaugh
JoAnn Alumbaugh

Yes, Thursday is the big day – bacon lovers from all over the world will vie for top honors at the International Bacon Film Festival, sponsored by Hormel Foods. Entrants were asked to produce a short, creative, original video featuring Hormel Black Label Bacon. Hormel has a Bacon Party Facebook page and a Twitter handle to promote the event (@The_Bacon_Party). Hormel says it’s “the party founded to see that bacon inspiration and deliciousness be spread to every bacon-loving citizen.”

“I've been lucky enough to cover all the major film festivals in my tenure at MTV News,” writes Josh Horowitz, author of the MTV Movies Blog. “But did any of them revolve around a tasty guilty pleasure that makes everything better? I'm waiting for your answer, Robert Redford. Yeah, I didn't think so.”
He continues, “Friends, colleagues, and pork enthusiasts everywhere, let me introduce you to the 2013 International Bacon Film Festival. Yes, the folks over at Hormel Black Label Bacon threw down the gauntlet and aspiring filmmakers have stepped up to the plate.”

Eleven finalists were chosen from hundreds of entries, and after viewing several, I can tell you these short videos certainly meet the goal of the contest, which was to highlight “the exceptional passion people have for bacon and the extent of its influence on culture.”

If just talking about bacon whets your appetite, check out these finalists’ videos. I particularly liked “Portrait of a Bacon Enthusiast,” and “In the mood for bacon,” about a vegetarian couple who are brought back together by their love for bacon.

Visit the Hormel Bacon Party and pick your favorite. Then, go to our Facebook page and tell us which one you like the best. We’ll let you know which one the judges pick at the awards ceremony. Horowitz is co-hosting the ultimate Bacon Party with “Chopped” judge and chef Chris Santos.