The bacon craze is still alive and well.

“Who would have predicted this craziness?” jokes Ceci Snyder, vice president of domestic marketing for the National Pork Board. “In quarter one, we had some fun with bacon – we don’t really promote it because it doesn’t need our help, but we tied the crazy love of bacon to consumers’ love of pork overall. Our integrated theme for quarter one was, ‘for the love of pork.’ We had national online ads, a PR program and a Twitter handle (#PorkLUV). We delivered bacon roses to media around the country,” says Snyder.

(The dog – or mailman – must have eaten this editor’s roses).

While people of all ages love bacon, the Pork Board has discovered that many younger consumers appreciate diversity in their cuisine.

“We have potstickers in our fourth-quarter line-up and we’re showing it in the context of how these young consumers would use it,” says Snyder. “This younger generation is such a melting pot of cross-cultural food ideas. It’s second nature to them to have a mix of ethnic cuisine on their minds and they’re very open to new ideas. 

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