The Swine Health Information Center (SHIC) is publishing the summary of work done by two Iowa State University Veterinary Diagnostic Lab researchers to develop a set of diagnostic tools providing for direct detection of Seneca A virus (SVA) in tissues. Read the summary research report here as well as other information on SVA studies funded by SHIC. 

The project provides another tool for diagnosis and understanding of SVA that adds to duration of shedding, genetic diversity, diagnostic reagents, prevalence and disinfection information. 

As a result of the SHIC-funded study, a set of reagents able to be used in different diagnostic techniques for virus identification in tissue were successfully developed. In addition to improving SVA diagnosis in cases of vesicular disease, the techniques provide and support the differential diagnosis with other causes of vesicular disease such as foot and mouth disease. 

Additional SVA resources and information can be found here on the SHIC website.