The International Porcine Reproductive and Respiratory Syndrome Congress will be held June 3-5, 2015, in Ghent, Belgium.

The first day will be devoted to review progress in the field of PRRSV evolution, replication cycle, pathogenesis and immunity. The second day will cover all aspects linked to PRRS control, including diagnostics and vaccines. A round table aiming at defining strategies for future PRRS control actions in Europe, America and Asia will be organized. Veterinarians, virologists, academics, authorities, pharmaceutical industries as well as PhD students are encouraged to participate.

This annual international meeting was initially organized in 2004 in Chicago. In May 2013, it was organized for the first time in Asia (Beijing, China). The North American PRRS Symposium was held in Chicago in December 2013 in addition to December 2014. This will be the first time for the congress to take place in Europe. Congress details are available at