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Advice and Tips

Keeping your vaccines viable

Vaccines are a vital part of keeping all livestock healthy. Vaccines help in the prevention of disease, which results in less utilization of antibiotics due to fewer sick animals. Vaccines provide protective immunity approximately 21 days following the initial vaccination in the majority of livestock. Some vaccines may require a booster vaccination(s) to ensure immunity for the period designated by the manufacturer. There are multiple factors influencing immunity, including but not limited to, medical history, vaccine type, method of administration, age, and species being vaccinated. A valid Vet-Client-Patient relationship will help you as you select the vaccine of choice for your livestock health program.

Advice and Tips

Importance of youth livestock shows

With the summer season wrapping up in the Nebraska Extension offices a person can reflect on the accomplishments our 4-H and FFA youth have made this year. One activity that takes a lot of time is raising and exhibiting livestock for the local county fair, State Fair, and Aksarben in Nebraska. There are many positive outcomes for youth and helping youth with these activities.

Advice and Tips

Better understanding of calcium absorption helps in forming better pig diets

The majority of the calcium in swine diets is included in the form of supplements because most plant ingredients are low in calcium. Formulating diets based on values for total calcium fails to take into account how well the calcium in the diet is digested and absorbed from the intestinal tract, which makes it difficult to determine how much calcium is needed in the diets. However, recent research at the University of Illinois is adding to the industry's understanding of calcium digestibility.


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