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Browse our wealth of news and information for advice and tips on topics ranging from the breeding herd to herd health.

Advice and Tips

Time savers in the hog world

Cutting corners in any aspect of life/work typically has implications at later points in time. Similarly in pork production, we see “planting disease” in the spring and “harvesting disease” in the fall.


Environmental essentials: How to keep pigs comfortable through weaning

A pig’s environment can be a deciding factor in long-term productivity. By providing quality water, nutrition and air, weaned pigs have a greater potential to transition smoothly through weaning and reach the finish line.

Dan McManus, DVM, swine specialist for Purina Animal Nutrition, serves as a resource for nursery and wean-to-finish managers across the country. The first thing he does when visiting a farm is evaluate the environment.


Managing your data in an ESF barn

Curtis Littlejohn, Swine Products Manager with Canarm AgSystems, speaks about managing group sow housing transition and planning for how you manage data in an ESF system.

Advice and Tips

Decreasing loss when using urea

Selecting the right nitrogen source when fertilizing pastures and hayfields has always been important in nitrogen use efficiency. For many years we have had the option of using either urea or ammonium nitrate as the nitrogen source in our fertilizers. A basic recommendation was to use urea in spring, but use ammonium nitrate in summer and early fall. Urea was usually cheaper, but more prone to nitrogen loss due to volatilization, which occurs in hot weather with limited rainfall.

Advice and Tips

Why use native warm-season grasses? Stockering and backgrounding

I have provided a number of tips and pointers on how to best establish and manage native grass forages over the past two years in this space. I want to switch gears and talk about why we might want to consider using native grasses in a forage program. Although there are many reasons to consider using native grasses, I want to focus on their role in a stockering and/or backgrounding program.


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