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Advice and Tips

Prepare for winter transport

Heading into the winter months, livestock transportation can quickly become a nightmare. For your pigs, dropping temps can mean decreased immune systems and increased susceptibility to viruses.

Advice and Tips

Brumm Speaks Out: Canadian feeder pigs

The impact of exchange rates and trade rules shows up in our pork industry in a variety of ways. For instance, poultry and swine producers in the southeast region of the U.S. can now bring in grain from South American at a price that is very competitive with the price of U.S. grain sourced from the Midwest.

Sow Housing

Options for sow housing

There are countless design options for housing gestating sows and each of these options have advantages and disadvantages for the gestating sow. Through years of research, several factors have been identified that can impact the success of any housing system design.

Advice and Tips

Soybean meal produced in U.S. has greater energy values when fed to pigs than previously estimated

Differences in soil type, variety of soybeans, climate, or processing conditions can cause the same crop to have different nutritional value when produced in different locations. However, feed composition tables combine values from crops grown all over the world. Results of recent research at the University of Illinois indicate that book values for energy in soybean meal underestimate the energy value of soybean meal produced in the United States.

Advice and Tips

Trust but verify: 3 reasons to have a written contract

Here’s a New Year’s resolution for your business: Get everything in writing. While it’s true that many farmers still make deals on a handshake, Ferrell says getting the deal in writing is important, especially in tough economic times.

Advice and Tips

Where do the sharps go?

Remember, disposal methods can vary by state, county, and city so please check with your local landfill or waste disposal service to verify approved methods of household disposal.


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