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Browse our wealth of news and information for advice and tips on topics ranging from the breeding herd to herd health.

Advice and Tips

Team accountability: Harsh or helpful?

Every turn of the calendar people make New Year’s resolutions. Every election politicians say that the government leaders need to be held accountable. And every year organizations tell their leaders, “We need to hold our people to their words and actions.” Yet—just like New Year’s resolutions—these scenarios for accountability fall drastically short, as the mirror of accountability is often blurry with ego. This means that as leaders we see ourselves as actually holding our people accountable and feel that it’s the others that are failing or not following through.


Answering tough ag questions

Through social media, America’s farmers and ranchers explain why they do certain things when raising animals for food. This communication is not just one way. Facebook posts from the farm, tweets from the tractor seat and blogs from the “back 40” allow members of the non-farming public to ask questions on everything from how today’s food is grown to how it is processed and eventually brought to market.

Advice and Tips

Should you consider in-furrow starter for corn in 2015?

The use of starter fertilizer placement on the seed (known as in-furrow placement) is commonplace in many areas of Minnesota. I commonly receive questions on the value of in-furrow starter fertilizer when corn prices are low. The application of liquid fertilizer with the planter presents additional costs which may or may not be warranted depending on the year and where a field is located within Minnesota.

Advice and Tips

Hiring the right fit: Interview questions

When interviewing potential candidates for positions on your dairy, there are three types of questions: standard, behavioral and situational. Using a combination of these questions is often the key to a successful interview technique.

1) Standard interview questions are the most common way to conduct an interview. They are used for basic data gathering and to obtain general knowledge about a candidate. The answers typically do not give in-depth information about how past performance might predict future performance, however.


Advice and Tips

Spotlight on economics: Boldly taking that first step toward success

Most of us would agree that it is good to have goals. In reality, however, there are plenty of us whose experience in goal development is limited to the confines of an assignment in school, a workplace requirement or an organizational exercise.

Sow Housing

Why group sow housing? Evaluating loose sow housing options

Loose sow housing for both the North America pork industry is now part of most new sow facility construction and renovation discussions. The majority of major retailers, and food buyers are imposing requirements, pushing swine producers in that direction.


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