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Sow Housing

Managing aggression between sows in group housing

When we mix two groups of pigs they respond in the same way, trying to drive off the strangers. This understanding is helpful when implementing changes to reduce and minimize sow aggression.

Sow Housing

Comparing feeding systems in group sow housing

Unlike stall housing, group housing comes in many different shapes and sizes. It is important to understand the long term consequences of each system in order to make good choices based on staff capabilities, barn layout and herd size.

Sow Housing

Which system is best?

This is still a matter of debate among farmers, veterinarians and animal agriculture experts.

Sow Housing

The goal: Individualized care

Studies have been conducted that compare the well-being of sows in gestation stalls (sometimes known as gestation crates) with sows housed in groups.

Sow Housing

Caring for Sows

Pregnant sows require individualized care throughout their gestation period.


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