Healthy and productive sows form the basis of efficient and profitable pork production systems.

That’s why Canarm AgSystems has been providing housing and feeding systems for sows for almost 80 years. Getting it right for sows means larger litters and heavier piglets at weaning, more kilograms of finished pork per sow, and those sows being ready to reproduce quickly and efficiently, every time.

Staying at the forefront of sow production has meant consistent innovation, and the ability to see trends, the value of  research, and build products that leverage the best of both.

There’s no doubt the industry is at a crossroads. Sow care is evolving.  

Buyers of pork are pushing the industry towards more use of loose sow housing. As a provider of sow stalls for many years, we don’t dispute the efficiency, safety and welfare benefits of sow stalls. But at Canarm AgSystems, we have become convinced of the value of group housing sows fed with electronic sow feeding systems. 

Sows need precise management and electronic sow feeders provide you the tools to reap that opportunity. You can provide precise feeding curves, and monitor their activity to provide earlier heat detection. You can provide cost effective barns that provide more space with less capital cost and which are environmentally and socially acceptable to the sows

To develop our SowChoice Systems ESF, we talked to hog farmers across North America.

They told us they wanted:

  • North American service and parts
  • Stainless steel for longevity
  • High throughput
  • Data integration (which is why we partnered with PigCHAMP)

As a result of that feedback, we created an ESF that meets or exceeds all of those requests. Canarm has created practical and useful solutions to livestock handling challenges for generations. That has continued with our ESF.

We also know that ESFs require different management of the sows, more use of data and different barn layouts. That’s a reason why we are sponsoring The Pork Network on the Sow Housing resource center. We believe it’s important that pork producers get useful and practical information on managing sows. We hope you will see that in this resource centre into the future in topics including how to sift through the many loose sow housing options, retrofitting or building new, achieving optimum sow throughput, the potential of individual sow feeding in ESFs and sow health in ESFs.

You recognize how critically important your sows are to your herds productivity. So do we.

 Sow care is evolving. Canarm is ahead of the curve.