February 26, 2012 marks the 50th anniversary of business for Pig Improvement Company (PIC). From the very beginning, the company has been true to its “never stop improving” motto.

In 1955, the Wallingford Pig Study Group was concerned that traditional purebred breeders were not producing the right pig for future markets. The farmers invited a group of scientists to devise a way of producing a better hybrid.

Taking the scientists advice, the group bought the best pigs they could find and began to improve them by a process of selection. In 1962, PIC was formed. One of the company’s six founders, Ken Woolley, said “The breeders have got the pigs but haven’t a bloody clue about pig breeding. The scientists know how to do it but haven’t got the pigs, and are too lazy to get out of their ivory towers and get some- so that’s where we come in!”

Today, PIC has the industry’s largest genetic database, PICTraq. The company combines quantitative sciences with leading edge biotechnology to develop non-GMO breeding stock that is focused on meeting the needs of its customers.  PIC has worked diligently to bring the advantages of superior swine health, genetics and production efficiency to countries around the globe– and their reach is still growing.

The company attributes it success to its significant investment in people, genetics, technology and health.

Source: PIC