The North Carolina Pork Council (NCPC) has named Dr. James Barker to its Hall of Fame for significant contributions to the state's pork industry and the progress of NCPC.

The Hall of Fame announcement was made during the annual NC Pork Conference awards breakfast held at the Marriott Crabtree in Raleigh. 

Barker's efforts in support of the pork industry grew out of his work at the Department of Biological and Agricultural Engineering at North Carolina State University.  Barker retired as professor emeritus in 2001.

His contributions to what is now a $9 billion industry in North Carolina stemmed from his efforts in the areas of waste characterization, lagoon design, land application, waste removal and odor abatement.

"The issue of waste management in the pork industry was, and continues to be, of critical importance to our industry,” said Deborah Johnson, NCPC chief executive officer. “Dr. Barker's achievements in this arena were invaluable and cannot be overestimated."

Industry officials were long aware that as larger and more concentrated pork production units came into being several decades ago, improved waste management systems were required.  Barker is credited with helping to pioneer improved systems for pollution control and preservation of environmental quality, all based on sound engineering technology.

"Dr. Barker worked tirelessly to establish exemplary waste management systems on farms that served as model demonstrations for area pork producers," said Dr. L. Bynum Driggers, also a NCPC Hall of Fame member.

Source: NCPC