All juniors and seniors in college who plan to pursue a career in swine production management or a related field, or will be seeking to attend graduate school and major in a discipline with an emphasis on swine, are invited to submit an application for one of 19 available scholarships sponsored by the National Pork Board’s pork checkoff, PIC and Pioneer.

Application guidelines, located on, should be followed and may be submitted online by using this form .

The deadline for applications is Feb. 15. Recipients will be notified in April, 2012.

"A survey of past scholarship winners indicated that 42 percent of those enrolled in graduate school or veterinary college and 67 percent are involved in swine,” says Chris Hostetler, Animal Science Director for the NPB. "Supporting the education of young people is critical to ensuring the next generation of leaders is prepared for all aspects of the pork production chain."

Any specific questions should be directed to Lana Modlin at or (515) 223-2609.

Apply online now.  

Source: NPB