Actor Paul Wesley may be better known for his role in the hit television drama “The Vampire Diaries,” but now Wesley has a new hat he would like to try – activist.

On Thursday, Wesley sent a letter to Steve Bresky, President and CEO of Seaboard Foods, Inc. Wesley urged Bresky to stop “locking mother pigs in tiny gestation crates, with apparently no plans to move away from that particularly inhumane practice.”

Read the full letter here.

Another actor, Ryan Gosling, asked Canada’s National Farm Animal Care Council to close a loophole that would allow the pork industry to continue to use gestation crates. Click here for more.  

But, As PorkNetwork Editor JoAnn Alumbaugh pointed out in an article, “the swine housing issue is as simple as it is complex.”  

Dr. Howard Hill, President-Elect of the National Pork Producers Council, also commented on the issue.

“The bottom line, however, is that there is no scientific evidence that open gestation housing provides a better environment for animals than gestation stalls,” he said.

Dr. Janeal Yancey a meat science program technician in the animal science department at the University of Arkansas points that part of the problem is that most people, such as Wesley or Gosling, don’t know much about pig farming, nonetheless how – or why – a pork producer would choose one sow housing system over the other.

“Most people know very little about pork production and why gestation stalls are used,” she wrote. “People see pictures and hear terrible stories about farmers ‘abusing’ pigs and think, ‘Wow, how can we let this happen?’ The problem is that we are not hearing the whole story.”

See, “A lesson on pig housing and maternity pens.”